News from Round 9

11666163_127385577596471_8117737044274339759_nIt was a quiet start to the morning with no juniors or slowpitch in the park, but after a hectic first half of the season it was nice to ease into a slow start to the day. The weather held out for entire afternoon – I guess I didn’t jinx it all that much after all. Here’s to more of the same.

5 games in the Metro League this afternoon and the results can be found HERE as always with the ladder HERE. Results should be available by Tuesday at the latest.

Due to the closeness of the teams in the middle section of the IMG_20150705_165524ladder the clubs decided at the last management meeting to continue with the one division for the remainder of the season and split come finals time. We should see some hard fought games in the coming weeks as teams jostle for position.