The Vicsens Masters Softball Club was founded in 1989 when a lady by the name of Cathy Powers suggested we should form a team to participate in the Australian Masters Games in Adelaide. With Cathy as the coach and Lyn Bishop as her assistant, we formed this team from friends and acquaintances through different Softball Associations around Melbourne and called ourselves ‘The Odd Bods’

Who would have thought from this humble beginning it would lead to so many years of enjoyable softball games and attending State and National tournaments all over Australia including two World Masters Championships. This has subsequently provided us with the opportunity to meet many mature age softballers with a love for the game from all over Australia and other countries.

As The Odd Bods, after our Adelaide success, we then ventured to Brisbane for the 1991 Australian Masters Games.

In 1993 a change of team name was agreed upon and thus ‘Vicsens’ were here. The success and growth of the Vicsens name as a team and reputation was unmistakable. A team of Vicsens endeavours to compete at all tournaments whenever and wherever they are held. Age brought change, and for some, this meant the mind was willing but the body wasn’t and for others, it meant the chance at 35 to compete as a masters player. When the number of available players over 45 reached an all-time peak, Vicsens  had enough players to now to enter  45 and  35 age teams, thus providing us with our affectionately named Junior Development Squad. During these past years, we have had some great games, good times and met so many wonderful people along the way.

We competed at the 2005 World Masters Games held in Edmonton, Canada, Rotorua New Zealand in 2007 and more recently Turin, Italy in 2013