LGBTQIA Inclusion Policy

As per Schedule 2 of our Member Protection Policy 


In alignment with the Victorian Equal Opportunity & Human Rights Commission guidelines for Trans and Gender Diverse Inclusion in Sport and the National Guidelines for the Inclusion of Transgender and Gender Diverse People in Sport, MSA upholds gender-affirming practices to facilitate the participation of transgender and non-binary people.

  • For single-sex competitions, people can participate in the competition which best reflects their gender identity. This is per the Victorian Equal Opportunity Act, which protects people against discrimination in sport based on gender identity unless an exception criterion for legal discrimination can be applied
  • For mixed-gender competitions, people can participate in a manner that best reflects their gender identity.
  • Within MSA facilities, people have the right to use changing and bathroom facilities that best reflects their gender identity.
  • The collection of personal information will be conducted inclusively, and any information that is collected will be handled with confidentiality.

Following the federal Sex Discrimination Act (1984), the MSA recognises that being of intersex status is a protected attribute that is separate but equal to gender identity and sexual orientation. 

  • Women with intersex variations can participate in female-only sporting competitions.
  • While separate to gender identity, it is recognised that intersex people may face similar barriers to participation in sport that trans and gender diverse people do. Therefore, the gender-affirming practices outlined above are aimed to also support the participation of intersex people.