Memorial Shield win for Melbourne Softball

After a few years in representative team wilderness the MSA decided to put its brightest and best on the diamond at Memorial Shield, an annual tournament run by Werribee Softball Association at President’s Park.

With a solid squad we were hopeful of doing well, but I think even we were surprised by how well we played, all the while managing to have fun, strengthening a few friendships and forging even more.

We got through day 1 undefeated with solid wins against Doveton, FSA Braves and a win from behind against Woodville. Our bats were slow to start swinging, but our tight infield, some great pitching and our speedy outfield meant we weren’t overly troubled. Day 2 saw the two B grade pools take on each other and once again good hitting and solid fielding saw us comfortably through to the grand final.

It looked like another slow start was on the cards in the first innings with two outs early in the order, unfortunately for the Southern Knights we rallied in spectacular fashion and put on twelve runs to give ourselves what was to be an unassailable lead. It was 15-0 at the end of three and victory to the MSA.

Results (apologies if I have the exact scores wrong, working from memory here)
Melbourne 9 def Doveton 0
Melbourne 11 def FSA Braves 0
Melbourne 5 def Woodville 3
Melbourne 7 def Tees 21’s 3
Melbourne 5 def Kotuku 0
Melbourne 15 def Southern Knights 0