2018 Metro League Wrap up

We’d like to offer our congratulations to all our clubs, players, officials and spectators for not only a fantastic Grand Final series but also another great season. We’ve had our ups and downs over the course of the past few months,  but in the end, we’d like to think that everyone who made it into Fawkner Park over the season enjoyed their softball.

Our hearty congratulations to the following individuals and teams

MSA Service Award
Jell Radford – Melbourne University
Trish Rae – Panthers

A Grade 
Eastern Raiders defeated Bruisers

A Reserve
Wingers defeated Red Devils

B Grade
B Melbourne University Dragons def Melbourne University Wolves

Congratulations also to those players & coaches picked in our All Star Teams.

Emma Boldeman Eastern Raiders Red
Jess Chomley Eastern Raiders Red
Jodie Davis Bruisers
Isabeau Hart Monash
Tamar Hutchinson Monash
Caitlin Laird Monash
Audrey Major Panthers
Stephanie Marsh Monash
Kylie Reeves Panthers
Lea Sheehan-Warren Eastern Raiders Red
Hannah Smart Panthers
Vanessa White Bruisers
Wenda Donaldson Bruisers
Loretta Stefanopoulos Eastern Raiders Red
Tori Allen Wingers
Nicole Bell Red Devils Heat
Elizabeth Chu Melbourne University Angels
Kerri-Anne Duyvestyn Wingers
Emily Fry Red Devils Fire
Jen Hawkins Eastern Raiders Black
Judy Huilani Red Devils Fire
Maddi Lam Melbourne University Raptors
Lyn Martin-Clarke Red Devils Heat
Elly Miller Melbourne University Angels
Kyoko Naudi Red Devils Fire
Jayne Perry Melbourne University Angels
Neil Duyvestyn Wingers
TJ Taisi Red Devils Heat
Imogen BodleY Melbourne University Wolves
Ina Carillo Melbourne University Wolves
Ruby Delos Melbourne University Wolves
Isabella East-Bryans Fawkner Park Titans
Bridget Gatt Melbourne University Dragons
Gabrielle Giulieri Melbourne University Dragons
Brodie Hendy Melbourne University Dragons
Rachel Miller Melbourne University Wolves
Rachel Moh Fawkner Park Titans
Remy Moore Fawkner Park Titans
Willow Noble Fawkner Park Titans
Kiara Rhind-Luke Melbourne University Dragons
Jell Radford Melbourne University Wolves
Raz DiVito Melbourne University Dragons