News from Round 16

Early start in the park for our Future Growth Forum where members came together to share ideas on how we can improve the competition at Fawkner Park and how to increase participation. The executive would like to thank all those that came down and for all the great ideas that were floated during the course of the morning. Some we already had in the pipeline and are currently moving towards implementing while some were completely new. It was encouraging to see members engaging and having the desire to see us grow and prosper.

On the diamond we had the last round to complete, with the outcome of several games determining who ended up in which division come finals time.

This Sunday sees the semi finals kick off and we wish all the very best of luck to those playing this week.

The LADDER is currently up to date, but as yet the draw is not online, however you can find game times below:

CapturecSEMI-FINALS 30-Aug

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News from Round 15

The penultimate round of the 2015 Metro League has been and gone, and we are now on the homestretch towards Round 16 and finals.

The coaches started off their morning with DSC_0413a round table discussion about the nitty gritty of coaching and all that comes with it. I believe everyone walked away from the forum with a little bit more knowledge and confidence.



The results from round 15  and next weeks clashes could bring some interesting results with the middle section of the ladder still up for grabs.Who will go up? who will go down?

Round 15 Result are now available online HERE while the ladder can be found HERE


A reminder that our Future Growth Forum is on next Sunday and we need you there! Your opinion and ideas on how to continue to grow and sustain the MSA and Metro League are important to us and we want your input. 

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News from Round 14

R124For the first time in a few weeks we only had Metro League to contend with so it was a nice change for the Executive to be able to ease into the day rather than the frantic running around we’ve been doing of late.

The weather held off, which is always nice, though the rain earlier in the week did play havoc with the batting box on Diamond 7. Fortunately we didn’t have to send in search and rescue to pull anyone out of the mud.

Next weekend we have our coaches forum, and we’d like to encourage all the coaches in the park to attend. It’s an informal session and a great resource to be able to access. Online registrations can be found HERE

On the 23rd we are holding a brainstorming session/forum about the future of Metro League at Fawkner Park, and we need your ideas and input as to how you want the competition to run. Online registration is HERE, and we hope as many of you as possible turn up.






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News from Round 13

20258945111_eb2cd5c6e4_zWe kicked off Amaru Day with the Diamond Classic and a brilliantly sunny morning in Fawkner Park. This year, to give the Panthers club a bit of a test before they head to the Tassie Fastpitch Classic in October we pitted them against an MSA All Stars team. It was a tight game for the most part, but Panthers managed to draw away in the last putting on 4 runs to end the game 8-4 victors. Thanks to all those who played, coached, umpired, scored and watched. We’ve come to enjoy this annual event and remain committed to having it as a permanent fixture on our calendar.

There is a set on Flickr of the photos taken by our volunteer photog, so check it out at the following link: Flickr

The morning was followed up with 6 games of fastpitch. With only 3 weeks left of the regular season left, the top/bottom two look to be sorted but there is still plenty of movement in the middle half of the ladder and it remains to be seen who ends up in which division once the dust has settled.

Results and ladders are now updated and available online

2015 Metro League Draw

2015 Metro League Ladder



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News from Round 12

Where to start!? It was a massive day at the MSA today and despite the exhaustion that hit us all as we left the park early this evening we can certainly be satisfied that everything went off without a hitch.  Or at the very least no one complained, so this is a win in my books. DSC_0348

We had our NAIDOC Slowpitch game from 11am, and we’d like to thank the Indigenous community for supporting the game, as well as the MSA members who took  to the diamond to play, cheered on from the sidelines or manned the BBQ for the hungry masses afterwards.  None of this would have been possible without the support of both groups and we offer our thanks for helping us to make the occasion an enjoyable one for all.

DSC_0357While all the softball action was happening on Diamond 7, inside the pavilion we had a task force of former players and administrators sitting down and going through the stacks of memorabilia and photos that had been collected over the years.  It was a humbling experience to be in the same room as some of the greats of the game and listen to the stories they had to tell. We loved having them in the park today, and we can hope that they also enjoyed themselves. A huge amount of work got done, but there is still plenty left to do and we’d like to offer our thanks to Angela Broadbent from the Werribee Association who has been one of the driving forces behind  the push to digitise our Victorian softball history for future generations to enjoy.

Thanks to our MSA members for putting up with the inconvenience of reduced access to the clubrooms while the task force was on, in particular when the weather turned slightly wet and they were left to huddle on the steps. We’ll try and order better weather next time!

DSC_0359On top of all that we had 5 games of fastpitch in the park today, the girls having to endure some light rain (Editor: I’ve been informed that the ‘light rain’ was actually hail. Semantics! :))  during the latter half of the 1pm game, and a nasty cold front that came through soon after. Fortunately Melbourne behaved as normal and we had bright sunshine 20 mins later.

Next weekend sees our Diamond Classic on from 10:45am, so come down and see if the MSA All Stars can knock Panthers off their perch.  The Panthers girls will be selling raffle tickets as a fundraiser for their trip to Ulverstone for the Tassie Fastpitch Classic, so be sure to grab yourself a ticket or two and help them get down south.


Results will be up of the website by Tuesday at the latest





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News from Round 11

What a difference a week can make – from pouring rain and a cancelled Round 10 to a sunny Round 11 that saw us breaking out the sunscreen. It’s nice when Melbourne co operates and puts on a nice day.

The usual flurry of activity in the morning with a management meeting (thanks as always to the clubs for sending their delegates along), a few slowpitch players turning up and taking the opportunity to hit the ball around the park and 6 games of fastpitch. The Warriors will be feeling rather pleased with themselves today after giving a depleted Panthers team their first defeat of the season.


This Sunday sees us celebrating NAIDOC week with our annual invitational slowpitch game.There will be activities for the younger kids also so bring them along as well. Finish it up with a well earned BBQ lunch. Pull on the cleats and play, or just watch from the sidelines, it promises to be a great morning.

The afternoon will conclude as always with Round 12 of the Melbourne Softball Association Metro League

The ladder as it currently stands can be found HERE

(It should be updated by Tuesday at the latest)




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News from Round 10

Round cancelled due to incessant rain!

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News from Round 9

11666163_127385577596471_8117737044274339759_nIt was a quiet start to the morning with no juniors or slowpitch in the park, but after a hectic first half of the season it was nice to ease into a slow start to the day. The weather held out for entire afternoon – I guess I didn’t jinx it all that much after all. Here’s to more of the same.

5 games in the Metro League this afternoon and the results can be found HERE as always with the ladder HERE. Results should be available by Tuesday at the latest.

Due to the closeness of the teams in the middle section of the IMG_20150705_165524ladder the clubs decided at the last management meeting to continue with the one division for the remainder of the season and split come finals time. We should see some hard fought games in the coming weeks as teams jostle for position.

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News from Round 8

DSC_0238It appears our run of bright, sunny mornings are coming to an end, but at least it didn’t rain today! (I’ve jinxed it now I know)
6 games of fastpitch as usual for Round 8, but the focus of this weeks news is the youngsters in the park. Softball Victoria announced its State, Academy and Development teams this week, and we are thrilled to congratulate three of our current MSA members for making squads

Caitlin Laird (Monash) – U15 Academy Squad
Hana Barbaro (Eastern Raiders) – U15 Academy Squad & U17 State squad
Chelsea Owen-Smith (Melbourne University) – U17 Development Squad

We also like to extend our best wishes to the following players, who have called Fawkner Park home in the past

Moana Benjamin (Monash) – U17 State squad
Kylie Steemers (Red Devils) – U19 Women
Meaghan Grah (Red Devils) – U19 Women
Narisse Privitera (Red Devils) – U19 Women
Natasha Holt (Red Devils) – U19 Women

Last but not least, MSA umpire Simon Ross’ daughter Bianca was also named to the U19 Women’s team while Bailey James, grandson of Winger Sue James, was named in the U19 Men’s team.

As always the results from Round 8 can be found HERE with the ladder (fixed after last weeks fubar) HERE. They should be up to date no later than Tuesday am.

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News from Round 7

10374498_850828974970257_5446791362507584780_nLots of things going on in Round 7 so we were in the park early. To be honest though, you can’t begrudge a 9am start when the sun is shining and there isn’t a cloud in the sky. Slightly chilly, but with plenty of work to be done there was no time to get cold.

We started off with a Pitching and Catching clinic for our more advanced members with Sue James and Liz Reisman putting them through their paces, this was then followed up by a beginner/intermediate class. All up we had at least 16 members at these clinics. It’s great to see so many people wanting to learn and develop new skills or to improve on the ones they already have.

While the beginners were getting their pitch on, we held a management meeting and followed it up with a quick session on using the newly installed defibrillator. If anyone missed out on the session and would like to learn please see any of the executive and they’ll give you a quick rundown.

After all that we got the softball underway and finished it up 10348447_850961594956995_2087292756062965284_nwith 6 games of fastpitch.

Participation awards were also in play and it was a pitchers day in the park – congratulations to the following players

  • Meaghan Rae – Panthers 4 k2s vs Monash
  • Rebecca Kent – Wingers Red 7 k2s vs MU Angels
  • Rebecca Kent – Wingers Red 7 K2s vs MU Dragons

The moon was already well and truly up by the time we locked the doors and headed home, but it was well worth the effort.

Results from Round 7: HERE

Ladder after Round 7: HERE

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