2016 pre comp paperwork

As you can imagine we’ve had a busy week at the MSA and by now all clubs should have received an email copy of the precomp information. Please get in touch if you are a club official who thinks they may have missed out.

To that end there are a few housekeeping forms to be filled out by each club:

NAMED UMPIRES – no later than May 1st (please fill in one for each team competing)
CLUB EXECUTIVE – no later than May 8th
TEAM OFFICIALS – no later than May 8th (please fill in one for each team competing)

Photos of club uniform also need to be emailed to the Competition Manager prior to May 8th.

All of these forms will be available from the Competition Menu on the right hand side of the website – sitting under the Fastpitch header. You can’t miss them!


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2016 Metro League is nearly here.


We’re in the home stretch now with only a week to go before the 2016 Metro League kicks off at Fawkner Park.

It’s not too late to join us, either as a team or as an individual.

Fill in our Enquiry Form and our Competition Manager will help you find a team that suits your skill level. Or bring a team into the competition, we have a grade to suit everyone.





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15/16 Corporate Slowpitch Great Grand Final

Another successful season of Slowpitch Softball concluded today with Fawkner Park at its best in brilliant sunshine. Melbourne Softball Joining a weekend of events held in the City of Melbourne hosted the Slowpitch League final playoffs and grand final.

The playoffs saw Tuesday League winners, Drop Bears, in a tight game defeat Thursday winners, The Battlers 10-7. Playing in their first season at Melbourne the win by the Drop Bears denied The Battlers a back to back premiership. Wednesday League winners Foul Balls defeated league stalwart, The Flaming Beacons 12-2.

Before taking to the diamond for the grand final, all team members, and their supporters enjoyed a barbeque lunch and in the early innings had a bird’s eye view of the Air Force Roulette aerial displays and F/A-18 fly-overs in the skies above as they circled the Albert Park Grand Prix and Fawkner Park.

The grand final was an exciting game going to an eighth inning to see DROP BEARS defeat FOUL BALLS to take the 2015/16 Slowpitch League Premiership – 12-11 runs.

Melbourne Softball congratulates Drop Bears and all teams who won through to the season playoffs. These teams along with all teams who have participated in the 2015/16 Slowpitch Softball League are commended for playing our great team sport in true nature of the game.

In closing off the season with all thanked for their participation, team managers and league umpires were also thanked for their efforts throughout the season.

We look forward to returning in November when the next season commences – and in the interim Melbourne Softball turns its attention to Sunday leagues for mixed gender slowpitch and women’s fastpitch games.

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15/16 Corporate Slowpitch Finals Wrap Up

Games at Fawkner Park have seen semi-finals for each of the leagues played, won and lost. Tuesday League leaders DROP BEARS, in their first season, defeated league stalwarts OILERS 16-9. Minor semi was a well fought game with RED DEVILS winning over another league stalwart in HALF NELSONS 16-12.

Wednesday League had top two teams, newcomers MOOSE KNUCKLERS and THE FLAMING BEACONS meet with THE FLAMING BEACONS winning convincingly 14-4 to go straight thru to the grand final. MOOSE KNUCKLERS took the second chance to play FOUL BALLS who put HARDBALLS out of the finals with a score line of 23-2.

Thursday League saw ladder leaders THE BATTLERS defeat RED DEVILS 6-1 and minor finalists SMACK MY PITCH UP accept a win from PITCH PLEASE 7-0.
League preliminary finals were played on Tuesday 15 March

Tuesday League saw RED DEVILS battle to defeat OILERS 17-12. In the Wednesday League preliminary final FOUL BALLS took the game from league leaders MOOSE KNUCKLERS 20-14. Whilst SMACK MY PITCH UP put RED DEVILS 15-4, out of the chase for the position of Thursday League premiers.

Grand finals for each league were played this evening, with all teams going straight thru to the grand final achieving winner of their respective Night League.






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News from Grand Final Day


For the umpteenth (yes, that’s a real word) year in a row (ok, so maybe it’s 5) the MSA Exec managed to pull some strings with Mother Nature and had her turn on a glorious day. The sun shone from start to finish on what was ultimately a very long, but rewarding day for all of us.




The B Grade ladies started things off with the early slot. The game was tight for the first four innings with only a run or two in it before Monash took their foot off the brakes and put the game out of Melbourne University’s reach. In the end Monash comfortably took the game out 13-3 in 6 innings.



11225375_887586264627861_1349251631035058694_oMelbourne Warriors and Red Devils slugged it out in the A Reserve final and again it was a game that saw a lot of runs scored. Red Devils took it in seven innings with a 19-12 win.  (Editors note: if anyone who saw the game has more info than that, hit me up with a brief report and I’ll amend the above)



11958222_887586141294540_188804312294344483_oWingers Red never really got onto the main game against Panthers, shut out from almost the first innings when Panthers went on a run scoring spree that saw them roll through their batting lineup with ease. They wrapped the game up in four innings with a (very) convincing 17-0 scoreline. That was the 4th grand final win in a row for the Panthers and they are certainly the team to beat next year.

Congrats to our Grand Final MVP Winners:
A  Kathy Bedwell  Ares Felicity Mifsud  B Caitlin Laird

Congratulations also to Kathy (Panthers) and Danielle (Melbourne University) for their Duyvestyn Service Awards in recognition of their Service to Softball at Fawkner Park.



I know I can speak for the rest of the MSA Executive when I say a sincere thank you to all those who were there on Sunday and during the course of the season, be it as player, spectator, umpire, or executive member.  We may be grumbling by the time we shuffle back to the car on a Sunday evening but we come back time and time again because we love the game and want to see it flourish and prosper. The continued support of our members and their desire to play softball and to see us to continue to play at Fawkner Park is both heartening and humbling and is what keeps us coming back year after year.


The MSA will be back in the park for our midweek Corporate Slowpitch Competition from Nov 10th and we’d love to see some new faces there. There aren’t many better ways to spend a warm summer evening than hitting a ball and having a laugh. If you think you might be interested then sign yourself up to our mailing list and we’ll keep you up to date with all the competition info. Slowpitch Information and Mailing List

Good luck to all those heading off to their summer associations and we’ll see you all back for the 2016 Metro League.




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News from the Preliminary Finals

Better late than never hey?

Completely slipped my mind that I hadn’t done a round up of Prelim final day, my brain is heading into summer holiday mode already!

3 Preliminary finals were on in the park last Sunday, and while the final score blew out on a couple of the games they were fairly close for most of the 7 innings played.




The A grade final  saw Wingers Red taking on Eastern Raiders with Wingers eventually running out easy winners 20-11. It was a close tussle there for several innings but some big hitting saw Wingers take a lead and hold out the Raiders and grab themselves a shot at Panthers next week.



In A Reserve the Red Devils were attempting to redeem themselves for last weeks loss and to give themselves another shot at the Warriors in the grand final. They outplayed an under-performing Melb Uni Angels 19 runs to 13.


With two Melbourne Uni teams in B grade it was up to Monash to ensure they didn’t have a monopoly on the trophy. Smart batting and solid pitching by the Monash team saw them take the game 15 -8.



Join us this Sunday for our Grand Final Day – it promises to be a lovely day weather wise, and what better way to spend a sunny afternoon than in the park watching a talented bunch of women slog it out on the softball diamond.


Grand Final Games

B GRADE – Diamond 7 @ 12:30pm
Melbourne University Raptors vs Monash

A RESERVE GRADE – Diamond 3 @ 1:30pm
Melbourne Warriors vs Red Devils

A GRADE – Diamond 7 @ 3pm
Panthers vs Wingers Red


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History of the MSA

cropped-MSA-Logo.pngIf anyone new to the park has been wondering about the hows and whys the Melbourne Softball Association came about you can wonder no longer. We got a little blurb up on the website as well as a booklet put together to commemorate the 25th Anniversary of the MSA.

We’ve also added a list of Grand Final winners since 1982, as well as Grand Final MVP’s if they were awarded.

These can both be found from the drop down About Us menu on the home page, or from the direct links below.

Enjoy the read, it really is a fascinating bit of history about one of, if not the, oldest softball associations.

History of the MSA

Grand Final Winners 1982 – Present




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